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My name is Eric Pence. I have been married to Patti since 1979. We have grown adult children (Alex and Ben, born in the 1980s), and I turned 70 and retired in 2018. We live in Hingham, Massachusetts (a Boston suburb on the coast) on Otis Hill (see Our house for details). Go to About Me for more details about my life, and My Career  for a history of my working life. I grew up in Payette, Idaho, and after a couple of years of college I lived in Seattle for several years, and came to Boston in 1973 to go back to college. I went to several schools in Boston and eventually graduated and had a great career, and for the last 35 years before I retired I took a commuter boat from Hingham to Boston for my jobs in the Financial District.

I can't express how proud I am to have 2 grown sons, both college graduates! Now that Alex & Ben have departed and begun their adult lives, our home family consists of Patti and me, our 2 dogs, Casey & Quinn, and a cat, Pepper (our other cat, Mandy, we had for 17 years and she died in 2018!).

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Now that I'm retired one of my main activities is I go for twice daily dog walks.

In 1968, after 2 years of college I had taken some time off and was enjoying a carefree lifestyle in Seattle. In 1969, when the U.S. was fighting the Vietnam War, young people were very involved in the anti-war and civil rights movements, and I got drafted and I became a draft resister, so I grew up with very liberal political views that I still have (see "Where I stand"). I came to Boston in 1973 to go back to college and I met Patti in 1977, and we got married in 1979, and we've raised a family and owned 3 homes in suburban Boston—we currently live in Hingham.

was launched in 1996 to share things that interest me, express some philosophy and opinions, put up family photos and information, provide links to interesting sites, and just simply to entertain. Generally speaking, the content of the site is what I consider interesting, amusing, stimulating, educational, technical, totally non-commercial, and hopefully non-offensive—and I try to verify that my links go to sites with the same standards.

There is a menu bar above with links to the website pages on this site, and the icons above them are links to various locations on the site. Each page has a menu across the top with links to a
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for the page on display, and on the title-bar of each page is a drop-down Site index menu providing direct access to the other pages. To speed up the loading of the pages I have tried to minimize the size of graphics that will immediately appear, and I have provided small thumbnail images to click on to see enlargements of the photos. In some places I put a to click on to go to the top of the current page or a to click on to go to the top of the current section.

Links on the webpages are displayed in several colors (your browser must allow webpages to choose their own colors for these to work in CSS): Favicons for sites that have them are shown on the link menus I put on most pages.

Except for a little section on Family news the site is not a blog with frequent updates (for that see me on Facebook) but as I discover new web methods and as my passions for things change I will continue to make regular additions and modifications. I try to keep things accurate, and update or remove things that are no longer valid, but technology changes can occur faster than my website updates, so some things may not always be current.

Now that I'm retired I keep this website up as a hobby. When people suggest I should do something in web-development in my retirement, since I worked as a web-developer, I want to tell them my web skills are very old. Though in my jobs I created interactive web applications in Perl and Java and even have a few Perl apps on my pages I mostly code my whole website in HTML and JavaScript and don't use any web-development tools that current web developers have. On some pages I put links to views of Perl scripts showing you the code that is producing the page. I have been doing this for many years and it hasn't evolved much, and the only coding I do now is on this website. I started coding for this website in 1994 and I created every piece of every page in a text editor (Textpad), and that is what I continue to do. Our son, Ben, is a programmer (he graduated from college in 2011 with a degree in Computer Science), so let him do the new stuff. As I said, my web skills are pretty old, I learned programming in the early 1980s, before the Internet even existed! In the 1990s I learned HTML and created this website.

Removed pages – I have removed some pages from the menu bar above but they still exist on the website.

For years I surfed the web and had email, but for a truly "interactive" experience I created a Facebook page.

This site was created on a Windows PC but I have since discovered if you view it on a mobile device (tablet or phone) it may not view the same. Sorry.

Enjoy your visit and come back soon.

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