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  Webpages can be interactive with JavaScript, an object-oriented, event-driven, scripting language developed by Netscape. It can be used with HTML to make a page dynamic and functional. On my website I use it to animate my buttons (see Image rollover), to load images faster on my webpages (see Preload images), and for popup windows to show photos and videos (see Popup windows).

Don't confuse JavaScript with Java (see this article for quick explanation). They have some things in common but while JavaScript is a scripting language, Java is compiled, and much more robust. explains the likeness between the languages this way, "The basic syntax is intentionally similar to both Java and C++ to reduce the number of new concepts required to learn the language."

Enabling JavaScript
  Some browsers have a setting to enable or disable JavaScript. If JavaScript is not enabled in your browser you won't see my button animation, but with or without JavaScript enabled the buttons will still link to the intended targets. Here is the location of this setting in several popular browsers.
        Firefox  -  Tools » Options » Content
        Internet Explorer  -  Tools » Internet Options » Security » Custom Level
Enable Active Scripting in the Scripting section.
        Chrome  -  On the Settings menu in the Search settings box type in:  javascript
        Opera  -  Tools » Preferences » Advanced » Content

JavaScript links

A Short History of JavaScript
JavaScript – (Mozilla Developer Network)
JavaScript FAQ Knowledge Base – (mozillaZine)
JavaScript Articles – (
The JavaScript Source – tons of "cut and paste" JavaScript examples
Doc JavaScript - JavaScript Tip Archive
JavaScript Kit
JavaScript Station
JavaScript Examples
JavaScript Search
HTML Goodies: Javascript References
JavaScript tutorial – (
Douglas Crockford's Javascript
     JavaScript: The World's Most Misunderstood Programming Language
      Code Conventions for the JavaScript Programming Language
Danny Goodman's Online Articles – author of JavaScript Bible
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JavaScript tips
  In my job as web programmer I use a lot of JavaScript to enhance my Perl and HTML, and as I discover new things worth sharing I will add them here. I started developing this page years ago, before I was using JavaScript professionally, so some of the things offered here may be useful and functional while others may only seem clever and cute.
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JavaScript newsgroups
  I used to have several JavaScript usenet groups listed here but they don't seem to function in browsers anymore, so I am just providing a link to Google Groups, where they are offered in a web format.


   There are more newsgroups on my Programming page.