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"The most beautiful Main Street in America"
- Eleanor Roosevelt, on Hingham's Main Street
The Perfect New England Village – The New York Times

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  Hingham, Massachusetts, where I live, is a coastal community 15 miles southeast of Boston (Hingham Bay is part of Boston Harbor). Incorporated in 1635, Hingham (pronounced like "gingham") was founded by settlers from Hingham,  England. The town was originally named Bare Cove because of the "exposure of almost its entire harbor at low tide," 1 and "Bare Cove" is still a frequently used name in town. The town website has a very nice history page. An early member of the community was Samuel Lincoln, an ancestor of Abraham Lincoln. Another famous Lincoln from Hingham was Benjamin Lincoln, who, as George Washington's second in command, formally accepted the British surrender at Yorktown (and is often thought to be related to the president, but there is no evidence to support this). The image on the right is a link to an aerial view map of Hingham Square (my house is actually visible here) at Bing Maps where you can scroll around the town from the sky. Bird's eye view

"Hingham is a peaceful, beautifully preserved town that has invested the time and capital necessary to protect its heritage, its natural resources and, ultimately, the investments of its homeowners." -- Courtney Ronan, Realty Times

Hingham Square
Google Maps
Street View
Hingham is mostly residential, with many of the houses built in the 1800s and some even dating back to the 1600s. There are several National Historic districts here, and development is well regulated. Many houses in these districts have a plaque on the front stating their year of origin (the Samuel Lincoln house, a few blocks from mine, was built in 1650). Many of these older homes are Georgian and Federal styles (see pictures), and there are also many houses from the last two centuries including Victorians (like ours), Greek Revivals, Italianates, Capes, and contemporary-style residences. There is a beautiful park and bathing beach at the harbor, and the town also has several large wooded areas, including World's End (see pictures), which is located on a peninsula jutting into the harbor, Wompatuck State Park, which has bike paths and hiking trails, camping areas, and flowing spring water, and More-Brewer Park, a 106 acre conservation area. I frequently walk the dog through the Hingham Cemetery, location of the burials of many of the town's early settlers. The oldest original gravestone is for Thomas Barnes (1602-1672). Here are some photos I have taken on these walks.  

  Hingham has a population of approximately 20,000 and covers an area of 22.5 square miles. The town has one high school, one middle school, and three elementary schools. The town government is administered by a board of selectmen and we have open town meetings where residents can speak publicly on issues before they are voted on.

A recent claim-to-fame is Hingham is the home of Wahlburgers, a hamburger restaurant in the Hingham Shipyard owned by brothers Mark Wahlberg (the actor), Donnie Wahlberg (New Kids on the Block), and Paul Wahlberg, that is featured in the TV show of that name. Paul is also the chef and owner of the Alma Nove restaurant (across the street from Wahlburgers).

 Hingham photos

    I found some really beautiful Hingham photos by Googling "main street hingham" and clicking on Images.

... Some scenic postcards ... An old cape Historical photos Main Street Hingham Photos
at PBase.com
Boston skyline
from Hingham
July 4th parade July 4th photos World's End Our Santa Bob Beal &
James Earl Jones
The Bathing Beach Hingham Square Liberty Grille

Shipyard photos

Town of Hingham: Image Gallery – several albums
Town of Hingham: Historic Postcard Gallery
Hingham Real Estate Center – take the tour on this site for some great photos
     July 4th, 2002, parade movie
Webshots Community - Hingham – many winter shots
WATD 411 – radio station website has nice Hingham photos and lots of town info

 Commuter boat

  One of the things that makes Hingham an especially appealing suburban-Boston location to live in is the commuter boat service. Like many Hingham residents, I work in the city and I have a pleasant (and sometimes thrilling!) half-hour boat ride to work every day. As Boston commutes go, this is one of the best, especially in the summer. The Boston Globe did a comparison of commuting from the South Shore by car, boat, train, and Red Line, and not surpisingly, the boat came out on top. Whenever I am asked what it is like taking the boat in the winter, I reply that the boats are heated in winter and air-conditioned in summer, and of course, if you prefer you can ride outside year-round. There was a nice article about riding the commuter boat in the Boston Globe, "Commuters flock down to the sea" 2. There is also boat access to the Boston Harbor Islands from the Hingham shipyard on Route 3A.
Pulling into
Rowes Wharf
  Here are a several photos of the inside of the Salacia catamaran, my favorite commuter ferry.


My commuter boat photos
Salacia ferry photos
I uploaded a CNN iReport about taking the boat after reading an article about how high gas prices are affecting people's commutes.
Boston Harbor Cruises – commuter boat service, harbor cruises, whale watches
     The commuter boat schedule
     A virtual tour of one of the commuter boats
This trip's a breeze 2

Now the MBTA wants to stop subsidizing the boats, which would kill the service. This would be a bad move.
T's notion to dock boats leaves commuters queasy 2 – "The Greenbush line loses nearly $30,000 a day, while at peak times the boats support themselves."
Commuter boats’ future still uncertain 2 – I was interviewed for this Globe article
Save the MBTA Ferry!

 Hingham distinctions

   These are some of the town's claims to fame. See the History page on the town website for more.


  Many of these are videos I captured from YouTube that feature Hingham. Some are real estate videos showing houses for sale, but they generally have nice views from around town so I included them.  
July 4, 2002
parade movie

Hingham videos

Real estate videos


Click to play
The neighbors' garage burned down one night destroying 4 cars. Jim the owner made this video ("...in your own backyard! Holy smokes!") with appropriate music and I uploaded it to YouTube. A new 3-bay garage has now been built.
Before fire

 Footloose in America

  Bud and Patricia Kenny and their mule Della are touring America on foot. They spent a year in Hingham, camped out on Peter Hersey's farm on Hersey Street. If you are from around here you may have seen Bud walking Della on the streets. They have moved on, including a visit to Manhattan. Bud has written a book about their travels and is looking for a publisher.  

Hingham Journal article
USonFoot.com – their website
Whistlewood Farm – they wintered there in 2007-2008

 Street names

  Frequently in New England a street name will change along its route. This happens in several places in Hingham. At this intersection on Hobart Street the street you intersect with changes from Cross Street in one direction to New Bridge Street in the other. The town put up this sign to lessen the confusion.  


The Greenbush branch of the Old Colony  Railroad has been restored to the South Shore and goes right through Hingham. For several years I had a big anti-train section on this page, based mostly on safety, health, and environmental concerns, but rather than come across with sour grapes after the battle to keep the train from being built was lost, I decided to remove that section from the page. A tunnel was constructed to take the train under Hingham Square (the CBB Greenbush site has some photos during construction), but where there is not a tunnel they have grade-level crossings at intersections with lights and gates. The Patriot Ledger provided a video tour of the train route prior to the actual start of train service. Since I drive on a street that goes over the tunnel on my way to the boat each day I don't have to deal with the crossing-gates regularly, but on weekends and evenings I frequently cross these tracks, and I will admit I find waiting at the crossings that didn't exist my first 25 years of living in Hingham annoying. The boat will continue to be my method of commuting but I have taken the train a few times so I know how it works and admit it is definitely a better way to get into Boston than driving in rush hour.
 Fore River Bridge

  I came across this photo of the Fore River Bridge that I had to share on here somewhere. This is not a Hingham memory but it is definitely a South Shore memory. I had driven across this one many times before it was ultimately condemned and torn down. Now they are building a new drawbridge of a more modern design (click on Bridge Aesthetics to see).
I will miss the old bridge.

¹ EARLY SETTLERS of Hingham, Massachusetts
² Some newspaper articles have links that expire too quickly so I save them offline.

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 Hingham & South Shore links

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     Education & learning

Hingham Public Schools
South Shore Educational Collaborative – educational programs and services
Hingham Public Library
Old Colony Library Network
Derby Academy
South Shore Conservatory
Children's Creativity Workshops – Lynn Titleman Rizzotto, a Hingham illustrator/artist
Authors 4 Kids – Connecting Students with Book People


Hingham to Boston commuter boat – the best way to commute!
Boston Harbor Cruises – commuter boat service, harbor cruises, whale watches
     The commuter boat schedule
     A virtual tour of one of the commuter boats
     Commuter boats collide! – on July 10, 2007, there was a head-on collision in heavy fog between 2 commuter boats
Massachusetts Bay Lines – harbor cruises, whale watches
Harbor Express – commute by boat from Quincy to Boston and Logan airport
Hingham Shipyard Marinas &ndash at Hewitts Cove
Lincoln Maritime Center
Hingham Yacht Club
Hingham Bay Racing
Massachusetts Tide Charts
Boston Harbor Islands – accessible by ferry from the Hingham Shipyard

     Hingham shipyard – I catch the boat to Boston here every day

The Launch at Hingham Shipyard – this is the new development at the shipyard
Samuels & Associates – the developers
Hingham Shipyard – get construction updates
Avalon at the Hingham Shipyard – they are building apartments there
Hingham Shipyard Marinas – they manage the commuter boat parking lot I use
     History of Hingham Shipyard
Hingham Shipyard before – here are some photos of the shipyard pre-development

     Restaurants & dining   (see the town website for more)

Alma NovePaul Wahlberg's restaurant in the Hingham Shipyard
Wahlburgers – in the Hingham Shipyard, owned by Paul, Donnie, and Mark Wahlberg
Caffe Tosca
Crow Point Pizzeria
Square Cafe
Chili's Bar & Grill
The Snug – Home of the Perfect Pint! (listed in USA Today as one of 10 great places to raise a toast to St. Patrick)
Kate's Table


Google Maps: Hingham
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