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  Originally I had my videos spread all over my website listed under different subjects. Then after a few years I decided to put them all one page, still separated by subject. Each video plays in a webpage template using JavaScript. Most of the videos I have downloaded to my website, but some are still on remote servers like YouTube. They play the same.  
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Foodcourt flirting

Listen to
cassette tape

A good guy
with a gun


Amazon Echo Silver

Kissing test

The mystery many
men go through...

Medieval helpdesk
(for "the book")

Redneck 911

Two angry Women

A Big Deck

Barney Fife and the
Preamble to the Constitution

What it was,
was football
- Andy Griffith

Granny goes digital

Hasty snow removal

Tech support

Bill Cosby
gets confused

Steve Martin
Holiday Wishes

Who's on first?
Abbott and Costello

Suspected terrorists

Granny air bag

OctoMom birth video

Smartest kid in class

Don DeLuise
egg trick

How to fail a

Shocking News Cast

Guiness Record
High Note

It's not about
the nail

Concrete buffer
gone wild

News sex bloopers

VW commercial
2013 Super Bowl

Worst burglar ever

NYC bike lanes

Haitian construction

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Perpetual chase

Who made this mess?

Cats stealing
dog beds

Kitten plays
with Doberman

Dogs plays
with fireworks

Musical comedy

Rob Paravonian's
Pachelbel Rant

John Belushi
does Joe Cocker
(see the original)

had big hands

Happy Birthday
by master composers
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        Woody Allen – I love the old Woody Allen comedies!
- tries to subtly buy a nudie magazine
- subway scene (that's Silvester Stallone as hoodlum)
- gives parking assistance
  Take the Money and Run
- plays cello
  Take the Money and Run
- tries to rob a bank
  Take the Money and Run
- another bank holdup
  What's Up, Tiger Lily?
- an interview in the intro, "Death is my bread, and danger my butter..."

        Cheech & Chong

Coke scene
(Next Movie)

Mexican Americans
(Next Movie)

Chong rocks out
(Next Movie)

Stoned in car
(Up in Smoke)

Dave's not here
(YouTube audio)
        Red Green

        Louis C.K. – his language can be a little racy but he is hilarious

        Tom Mabe – got his start spoofing telemarketers

        Shaun Micallef

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Film clips

  The Sweetest Thing
Christina Applegate and Cameron Diaz
  Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Sean Penn played surfer Jeff Spicoli
  What's New Pussycat?
Peter Sellers in the opening scene of one of my favorite movies
  Dr. Strangelove
Peter Sellers and Keenan Wynn
"You're gonna have to answer to the Coca-Cola company."
  Casino Royale
Peter Sellers and Orson Welles in the 1967 spy spoof
"Don't think that went unnoticed—I see everything that goes on at this table."
  Five Easy Pieces
Jack Nicholson orders toast in the diner scene
"I want you to hold it between your knees."
Tom Hulce as Mozart
"There are too many notes."
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TV show clips

Reverend Jim's driving exam (I shortened this from a longer scene because all I wanted here was the one joke)
"What does a yellow light mean?"

        Blackadder – this hilarious British TV series featured Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean) and Hugh Laurie (House)
Court Martial

How did the war start?

Explaining evolution
to a creationist

Edmund hires a ship

Royal Wedding

Prince George
is all man
Will Shakespeare

General Melchett
visits the troops

Time travel

Don't mention Macbeth

        David Letterman

Working the
drive-through window
at McDonalds

Cheney vs. Pelosi:
The blink count

Sonny and Cher singing
"I Got You Babe"

Tribute to Bill Gates

Letterman flips off viewer

McCain bails out

Beer launching fridge

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Funny ads
    - some fake, some foreign, see more on YouTube

Trunk monkey
(Suburban Auto Group)

Stuck on an escalator

Shareholder meeting

Locked door
(nice'n easy)

Improve your English

Indecent Proposal

Tidy Up

French phone network

French cable channel

How long can you
hold your breath?
(Sealect Tuna)

(Bud Light)

More commercials
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Monty Python videos

  "And now for something completely different!"
  Monty Python (Eric Idle, Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Michael Palin, Terry Jones, Terry Gilliam) produced some of what I consider the most hilarious comedy of all time. Back in the early 70s they had a weekly TV show that I never missed. I purchased the The Complete Monty Python's Flying Circus Megaset when it came out on DVD and now I can watch this great comedy whenever I feel like it.

Flying Circus videos
  Here are some of my favorite Python sketches. I acquired these videos on the Internet, but since I own the DVD set of all the episodes I may see if I can rip them from the DVDs to get the best quality videos.  


Nudge, Nudge

The Ministry of
Silly Walks

Italian Class

The Smuggler

Argument Clinic

Dirty Hungarian

The Man With
Three Buttocks

Mr. Hilter

Self Defense Class

Secret Service


The International
Philosophy Match

"I want to get married."

Buying a Bed

Hide and Seek
Olympics Final

Inspector Tiger
(Agatha Christie)

Railway Timetables
(Agatha Christie)

Architect Sketch

Bored Airline Pilots

Exploding Penguin

Spanish Inquisition

The Butcher

Restaurant Sketch


The Cheese Shop

Dead Parrot

The French Sketch


The Visitors Sketch

Lumberjack Song

The Office Sketch

"Two Sheds"

The Hospital Sketch


The Silly
Job Interview

Travel Agency

Deja Vu


Sam Peckinpah's
"Salad Days"

Vocational Guidance

Always Look On
The Bright Side Of Life
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Movie sketches

The Holy Grail
The Black Knight

The Holy Grail
French Taunting

The Holy Grail
Bloody Peasants

The Life of Brian
The Stoning Scene

The Life of Brian
Biggus Dickus

The Life of Brian
Bright Side of Life

The Meaning of Life
Every Sperm
Is Sacred

Live at the Hollywood Bowl

The Last Supper

(Crunchy Frog)

The Travel Agency

The Argument Clinic

The Ministry of
Silly Walks

"Never Be Rude
To An Arab"


Python member highlights

Graham Chapman

Eric Idle

Michael Palin

John Cleese

Terry Jones

Terry Gilliam

Graham Chapman Eulogy
by John Cleese
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Political satire

   Saturday Night Live videos on YouTube

  Videos of Bush and friends
    I had so much fun with political humor during the Bush presidency that I will always treasure these gems.
Dubya – "Sunday Bloody Sunday"
George Bush & Tony Blair – "Endless Love"
Dubya clips – our articulate leader at his best
Dubya appears on The Tonight Show after the 2004 election
Top 10 Favorite George W. Bush Moments
Top 10 Bush thoughts with a hammer
How does Bush win an election?
What's behind Dubya's stupid speeches?
The Bush pilot (a subtitled German video)
Controlling the borders
Dubya & Little Richard
Tightening the Mexican border
Tony Blair – "Should I Stay or Should I Go"
Googler-in-Chief on the Internets
Republican: New Wonder Drug Hits Market
Great Moments in Presidential Speeches
Fey / Palin Couric interview
Melania plagiarizes Michelle at RNC convention
More Bush videos on YouTube

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Amusing videos

Animal videos Friends' videos


Crushing machine

Hauling logs

Cosmic Eye
Universe size comparison

Vincent van Gogh
Visits the Gallery

Neil deGrasse Tyson
Science In America

The Spock pinch

Tug of War

Defying gravity


Cool kite!

Apple Macintosh
1984 commercial

Speed artist paints
Federer in 4 minutes

Speed painter

Cellphone commercial
in 1989

Rush hour in Bangladesh

Powers of Ten
(Charles & Ray Eames)

Smart dog!

Elgin Park

A Rube Goldberg style
Honda commercial

Sand animation
Ferenc Cakó

Jerome Murat zombies

Beach walker

Chris Bliss juggling

The Tesla factory

Parking wars

Luckiest people alive

LG Optimus Hyper
Facade in Berlin

Blizzard Nemo
in timelapse

Greatest Card Trick Ever

We are dead stars

So You Want to
Live in Montana

Susan Boyle

Goodell reacts to
Super Bowl XLIX

Cat & dolphin

(Scroll to see all in Firefox)

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Animal videos

Kitten and Pitbull

Kittens on slide

Cat kneads dog

Panda Wrestling

Family of ducks
crossing highway

Baby panda's
first steps

Mine. no touch.

Friends' videos

Sunday Night Barbecue
(garage burns down)

The Road to Perdition
(Lucy goes to jail)

Hurricane Sandy
at Revere Beach
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Action videos


Presidential Limo
driver try-outs


Hudson River crash
(w/ great simulation)

Cruise ship in
rough seas
(outside view)

Battle at Kruger
(buffalo and lions)

on motorcycle!

Felix Baumgartner's

44 flips in
34 seconds

Extremely fast

They used to
build them tough


Test drive

Test drive2

Cliff Diving
is so Insane!

How he survived?

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There are some New England Patriots Super Bowl videos on the Boston page.


Malcom Butler
Super Bowl pick

Doug Flutie's
Hail Mary

LaGarrette Blount
51-yard touchdown

"Beast Quake"
Marshawn Lynch TD

Bad lip reading

15-lateral victory

67-yard high school
field goal

Amazing comeback

Amazing catch
by ball girl

Hello Commercial

Roger Federer's

Epic badminton

Table tennis

Bowling 2 spares

Unicycle dance

Halftime spills

Winning shot

Bare-handed catch

athletic feats

Why I didn't make
the Olympics


Ski with Olympic
Champion Ted Ligety

Simply amazing!

bullfighting festival

Softball score

Usain Bolt
Fastest Man Alive

Car soccer
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Dancing videos

Dance videos to
Uptown Funk

Salsa kids!

Wedding boogie
(the story)

The Ross Sisters
Solid Potato Salad

Bindi & Derek's Jive
(DWTS victory)

Dancing at the Movies

Big Bang Theory
Flash Mob

Soy Andina -
Andes dancing
  Contemporary click for more – I really love contemporary and jazz dancing!

Dance Theater

Couple dancing to
Doot-Doot by Freur

Phillip Chbeeb &
Renee Kester
Subway station

Chaz Buzan &
Courtney Schwartz
A Breakup Story

DJ Smart &
Zola Williams
All I Ask

Paulina Macias
Jazz Solo 2014

Audrey Case
Royal Flux
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Jazz favorites Rock & Pop favorites Keyboard players Guitar players Bass players Classical Other House music

Jazz favorites
Miles Davis – members of his bands always went on to outstanding solo careers
Bitches Brew, 1969

(52 min.)


Isle of Wight Festival

(35 min.)


Human Nature


So What
Mahavishnu Orchestra John McLaughlin's superb fusion band of the early-70s (see more McLaughlin below).
This band featured McLaughlin (guitar), Jerry Goodman (violin), Jan Hammer (keyboards), Rick Laird (bass), and Billy Cobham (drums).

The Noonward Race

Dance of Mya

Meeting of the Spirits

A Lotus on
Irish Streams

4 songs

(songs names while playing)

One Word

Festival de
Jerry Goodman – a great jazz fusion violinist who played in the Mahavishnu Orchestra, The Flock, and The Dixie Dregs

(The Flock)

Perputuum Mobile


Chardeau: Résilience

Kat Food

(The Dixie Dregs)
Return to Forever – Chick Corea's jazz fusion group of the 70s (see more Corea below)

500 Miles High

Romantic Warrior

Beyond the 7th Galaxy

Vulcan Worlds

Space Circus

Milton Nascimento – one of the best performers in my favorite genre, Brazilian jazz
Milagre dos Peixes

Nada Sera
Como Antes

O Que Sera

(w⁄ Chico Buarque)

Cravo e Canela

Acustico Na Suica

Don Quixote

Volver a Los 17

(w/ Mercedes Sosa)
Airto Moreira and Flora Purim – fantastic Brazilian husband and wife musicians
Harvest Jazz series


Jazz Summit
Hollabrunn, 1985
John Coltrane – one of the most influential improvisors and composers of all time
A Love Supreme



Afro Blue

My Favorite Things


(w/ Eric Dolphy)

I Want To Talk
About You
Richard Galliano – amazing! (
Waltz For Nicky

(w/ Bireli Lagrene)




La Valse a Margaux

(w/ Sebastien Surel)


(w/ Michel Portal)

1st Concerto (1972)
Anthony Braxton – fantastic avant-garde reed player

Weather Report – outstanding musicians who also had successful individual careers
Black Market

Elegant People


Rock & Pop favorites
Woodstock Psychedelic Ska
Bob Dylan – Dylan had a tremendous influence on everyone who came after him

History of Rock & Roll

As a folk singer

It's Alright Ma
(I'm Only Bleeding)

Maggie's Farm
Newport '65

Dylan goes electric

Like a Rolling Stone
Newport '65

Bob Dylan and
Suze Rotolo
Pink Floyd
Us and Them


Brain Damage


Another Brick
in the Wall


Shine On You
Crazy Diamond









Green is the Colour


Atom Heart Mother


Comfortably Numb


Wish You Were Here

Live 8


Us and Them

(David Gilmour)

Us and Them

(Rick Wright intro)

Shine On You
Crazy Diamond

(David Gilmour, 2007)
MTV Rockumentary


Electric Light Orchestra
  ELO - Hyde Park, 2014
Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac – the original band (pre- Nicks & Buckingham) when they were an English group in the 60s
Oh Well


Man of the World
The Peter Green Story
Crosby, Stills, & Nash (and Young)
Teach Your Children

Long Time Gone

Helplessly Hoping

Southern Man

Down By The River

You Don't Have To Cry

Neil Young
- Old Man
Joni Mitchell a 1979 tour backed by Pat Metheny, Lyle Mays, Michael Brecker, Jaco Pastorius, and Don Alias; some of the songs have film clips edited in at Mitchell's direction
Free Man in Paris

In France They
Kiss On Main Street

Raised On Robbery

Black Crow

Edith and The Kingpin
John Lennon


Yer Blues
The Yardbirds – from the 1966 Antonioni film Blowup, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page on guitars
Stroll On
The Byrds
Chestnut Mare
Peter Frampton – like the rest of us baby-boomers Frampton has aged, just a little more publicly
Baby, I Love Your Way


Show Me The Way


Baby, I Love Your Way


The Geico commercial

Bruce Springsteen
Secret Garden

Dancing in the Dark

(Courteney Cox dancing)
The Bangles
Hazy Shade of Winter

From the movie, Less Than Zero
Ike & Tina Turner
Elvis Presley
Hound Dog
Jimi Hendrix
Hey Joe
Tim Rose
Hey Joe
This was the original recording of this song that inspired the Jimi Hendrix version.          
Dire Straits
Led Zeppelin
Stairway to Heaven
This is from the 1973 concert film "The Song Remains the Same"          
Linda Ronstadt
The Eagles
Hotel California
John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John
You're the One
That I Want

They got together in 2013 and redid this great song they had done in Grease.
Woodstock, 1969   (The history of Woodstock, List of performances & events)
  Richie Havens


Soul Sacrifice
Jefferson Airplane

White Rabbit
Crosby, Still & Nash

Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
Joe Cocker

With a Little Help
from My Friends
  The Who

See Me, Feel Me
Jimi Hendrix

Foxy Lady
Country Joe McDonald

The 'Fish' Cheer/
Fixin'-To-Die Rag

Psychedelic rock – in the late-60s, when I was in my early twenties, I was really into this music
Country Joe & the Fish – these songs were recorded at the Monterey Pop Festival, 1967
Section 43

Not So Sweet
Martha Lorraine
Nature's Way

Nature's Way

(environmental theme)

I Got a Line on You

Ska – when my son Alex was in high school he turned me on to this great Jamaican music
Reel Big Fish
Take On Me

I saw them perform this in concert with Alex
Mighty Mighty Bosstones
The Impression That I Get
Save Ferris
Come On Eileen

This is the commercial video but it's a great song

Keyboard players
  Keith Jarrett I first saw this incredible jazz pianist perform with Charles Lloyd in the 60s. His Köln Concert (1975) is the best-selling solo jazz concert ever recorded. It is totally improvised and the fourth segment, Part II c, is one of my favorite piano pieces. It became known as Memories of Tomorrow in transcriptions and there are many nice covers of it on YouTube like this one.
Fort Yawuh,
Berlin '73

'Round Midnight

Tokyo '84 Encore

Funky Tonk solo

(w⁄ Miles Davis)

Umbria Jazz Festival,
Perugia, Italy '74

Free jazz solo, '67

Bach's Italian Concerto
Chick Corea – one of the best
'Round Midnight

500 Miles High

(w/ some RTF)

Why Wait

(w/ some RTF)

L's Bop

(w/ some RTF)


(w/ Hiromi Uehara)

Mozart Allegro

(w/ Keith Jarrett)

Sometime Ago
Now He Sings, Now He Sobs

McCoy Tyner – a member of Trane's quartet
Giant Steps

Mr. P.C.

Moment's Notice
Bill Evans
Person I Knew

Gloria's Step

My Romance

Waltz For Debby
Thelonius Monk
'Round Midnight

Don't Blame Me

Blue Monk

Straight, No Chaser
Roger Friedman (

I love watching his fascinating instructional videos on YouTube, many with a MIDI keyboard above the one he is playing on showing which keys are being pressed.
Roger was at Berklee at the same time I was, and in addition to being an outstanding piano player he is also a doctor.
See also Lot2learn Jazz Piano.
Gabriela Montero (
"La Divina del Piano" is known for her celebrated technical skills and her talent for improvisation.
What she does with a little piece of melody she hears for the first time is amazing.

2009 Inauguration

(w/ Ma,Perlman,McGill)

Paganini Duet

(w/ Martha Argerich)


   Tal Zilber – an Israeli born pianist (Page Music bio)

I also have some of my favorite keyboard players listed below under Classical.

Guitar players
John McLaughlinPaco de LuciaAl Di MeolaLarry Coryell – these guys could just blow everybody away in the guitar world
Rio Ancho

de Lucia & Di Meola

Rio Ancho

Di Meola & de Lucia

Rio Ancho

Paco de Lucia
(the original)

Meeting Of
The Spirits

de Lucia & Coryell

Guardian Angel

de Lucia & Coryell

Solo videos

Al Di Meola


de Lucia & Di Meola

Callejon del Muro

Paco de Lucia

In a Silent Way

John McLaughlin
& Joe Zawinul
   Pat Metheny – one of the most versatile guitarists influenced by many genres
Have You Heard

Phase Dance

Lone Jack

Bright Size Life

Acoustic Medley

Waltz For Ruth

(w/ Charlie Haden)
– interview containing Kenny G remarks, the same way I see it.

   Paul Gilbert – the greatest technical rock guitarist I have ever heard—played with Racer X & Mr. Big (Gilbert bio)
   Bireli Lagrene – one of the world's greatest guitarists (
A duet with

Sylvain Luc
(Live in Marciac 2000)

Vienne Song


(w/ Dominique
Di Piazza


(w/ Al Di Meola)

age 13
at Montreux

Guitar 1 CD-rom

Waltz For Nicky

(w/ Richard Galliano)
George Benson – I saw him perform several times in the '60s when he was a jazz guitarist (before he became a pop singer)
'Round Midnight

Stella By Starlight

(w⁄ McCoy Tyner)

  Jeff Beck
(one of a kind)

Cause We've Ended
as Lovers
Luis Moreno
(guitar hammering)

Mason Williams
(a pop classic)

Classical Gas
Paul Simon
(and his brother Ed)

(a suprise?)

  – An 81-year-old on guitar (Bob Wood of Nashville, TN)

Bass players
Stanley Clarke – my favorite bass player (listen to Clarke's 1972 solo on Sometime Ago by Return to Forever). I posted the first Clarke video below on YouTube.
School Days

(Live at Montreux)

School Days



Song To John

Solo and interview
at Newport, 2003

Saratoga Jazz Fest, 2008

Romantic Warrior

The Thunder Tour
at the Hollywood Bowl

(more info)
Miroslav Vitous
My Foolish Heart

Solo with
Jan Garbarek

Autumn Leaves

Clouds in the
Mountain solo

Live in Vienna
Avishai Cohen / YouTube channel – these are just a few videos by an incredible artist. (
Charlie Haden
Ornette Coleman

Lonely Woman

Body and Soul

(w/ Richard Galliano)

La Passionara
Victor Wooten
Club A38,
Budapest, 2007

2-hand tapping
jazz solo

San Sebastian
Jazz Fest, 2006

With Flecktones
at San Sebastian

Amazing Grace

(Flecktones concert)

Amazing Grace

(Bass Day 1998)
Norwegian Wood

Slapping & tapping,
brother Regi on guitar

A Chick From Corea

(w/Steve Bailey)

Dave Holland

Fred Hopkins
Bass solo at
Village Vanguard
Jaco Pastorius
A Portrait of Tracy

Eberhard Weber
Brother Wind March

Why Not Brazilian
Jean Baudin – tapping, slapping and fingerstyle on 11-string and 9-string bass (
Mario Theme

Bach Invention

Every Breath You Take
(w/ Yves Carbonne)

Nuclear Rabbit
Stuart Hamm
SF Concert Medley
Love Thing
Moonlight Sonata
Country Music


Jeff Schmidt (5-string bass)
Little Sunflower
Dominique Di Piazza (5-string bass)
Little Rose

Titles Artists Piano child prodigies

Titles . . .
Chopin: Etude Op.10 No.4 in C# minor

One of my favorite Chopin pieces.

Chopin: Fantasie Impromptu Op.66 in C# minor

Another favorite Chopin piece.

Chopin: Etude Op.25 No.2 in F minor

Another favorite Chopin piece.

Bach: English Suite No.2 Prelude

One of my favorite Bach pieces.

Bach: Invention No.13 in A Minor

One of the most famous and beautiful Bach masterpieces.

Beethoven: Moonlight Sonata, 3rd Mvt, Presto agitato

One of my favorite Beethoven pieces.
Pachelbel: Canon in D

This classic piece is played at many weddings.
Carmina Burana
Seiji Ozawa conducts the Berlin Philharmonic and the Shin-Yu Chorus of Japan performing O Fortuna and Fortune plango vulnera, the first two pieces in the Carmina Burana, a collection of 24 poems set to music by Bavarian composer Carl Orff.

Artists . . .
   Yundi Li (Wikipedia,

A fantastic Chinese pianist, also known as Li Yundi.
   Glenn Gould (Wikipedia)

Gould (1932-1982) had incredible technique.

   Valentina Lisitsa (, ValentinaLisitsa–YouTube username)

   Vladimir Horowitz

Horowitz is widely considered one of the best pianists of the 20th century.

   Jean-Frederic Neuburger

Neuburger is a great young French pianist.

   Ivo Pogorelic

Pogorelic is a famous Serbian pianist.

   Tzvi Erez

The videos show close-ups of the hands and the music is outstanding! Erez, an Israeli, is one of my favorite pianists.


Piano child prodigies . . .
Chelsea Dock

Chelsea Guo

Jady Wei

Aimi Kobayashi

Rachel Su

Aurelia Shimkus


Maggot Brain by Funkadelic
  This beautiful song was originally written by Funkadelic's George Clinton and guitarist Eddie Hazel. According to legend, Clinton told Hazel to play as if he has just learned that his mother has died. After several years Michael Hampton joined the group also on guitar. Eventually Hazel left and Hampton (known as "Kidd Funkadelic") was lead guitar. They both did incredible things with this song, including having Lili Haydn play violin on one video. Some of these videos are not great quality but the performances are outstanding! Listen to the original

Technical Difficulties

This great song was written by guitarist Paul Gilbert of Racer X. My favorite versions of it are by 2Cellos.
2Cellos (an iconoclastic, Croatian virtuoso cello duo)

This performance reminds me of Marty McFly playing guitar in "Back to the Future"!
This is a cover of the AC/DC song.
Jake Shimabukuro (
While My Guitar
Gently Weeps
Duo 4 by 6 (guitar & violin)
Summer III
  A little girl gives coins go a street musician
and gets the best surprise in return
Street Musicans
Ian & Sylvia (a favorite 60s duo)

A 2011 interview
Gangnam Style
   Ted Yoder (on Hammered Dulcimer)

Adiemus I love this New Age piece by composer/conductor Karl Jenkins. The vocals are used as instruments, with the words made up by Jenkins.
See Adiemus Unofficial Website, The Adiemus Singers, Adiemus Profile, and Adiemus - Wikipedia for more.
Recorded performances
  Miriam Stockley

Original recording
Karen Melis

Night of the Proms

Various choruses

As background music

The Alchemist M
– Indy Parkour

Delta Commercial

  More . . .
What's Goin' On

Performed by an international cast of artists.
Stand By Me

Recorded by artists all around the world, from the award-winning documentary, Playing For Change: Peace Through Music.
Bobby McFerrin

Bobby McFerrin demonstrates the power of the pentatonic scale at the 2009 World Science Festival.
Somewhere Over
the Rainbow

Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole was a Hawaiian musician who passed away in 1997.
Video Games Live

This is the trailer for the first video game concert tour, featuring the music of Christopher Tin and other game composers.
See the website for more.
Tico Tico

Cecilia Siqueira (Uruguay) and Fernando Lima (Brasil) play a really incredible guitar duet at the 2009 Brazilian Music Institute.


Kermit the Frog sings from The Muppet Movie

Various songs

Harmonica virtuoso Buddy Greene plays at Carnegie Hall

Hey Paula

Paul & Paula - see them (Ray Hildebrand & Jill Jackson) in a more recent performance.

James Brown

James Brown's incredible performance of Please, Please, Please at the T.A.M.I. show in 1964

Lindsey Stirling

She plays the Leonard Cohen song in a New York subway station
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  House M.D. (2004-2012) was one of my favorite TV shows and it has some great music (including the theme song), particularly in the closing scenes of many episodes. Whoever is in charge of music for the show does an excellent job of matching existing music to drama. These are some of the songs I have enjoyed.

Hugh Laurie, the British actor who plays Dr. Gregory House with a pretty good American accent ("I just do the best that I can, gets tough at the end of a long day."), can also play comedy and was in a hilarious series in England in the 80s, Blackadder. Laurie actually performs some of the songs below on piano.


The Down Low

- Maggot Brain by Funkadelic (Eddie Hazel on guitar) -
Just after they tell a drug dealer (really an undercover cop) he is dying this mournful song begins to play, and at the same time the drug raid he was working on goes down. When I watch this clip, the way the guitar seems to work around the story it almost appears the music was written for the episode. (The song was released in 1971.)
Wilson's Heart

- Passing Afternoon by Iron & Wine (Samuel Beam) -
This is one of the heaviest House M.D. stories (perhaps one of the heaviest TV shows I have ever seen) involving Amber's death in an eposide where House and Amber (who is Wilson's girlfriend and also a doctor and played by Anne Dudek) are involved in a serious bus accident that results in the failure of her major organs. The video begins with House and Amber in a dream sequence experienced by House in a coma, then continues as House awakens and several loose ends are wrapped up, including Thirteen learning that she has Huntington's Disease, and Wilson finding Amber's note explaining her "absence."
Black Hole

- A Whiter Shade of Pale by Hugh Laurie (House) -
Laurie, who is actually a musician, plays a Hammond B-3 organ given to him by his colleague and roomate Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard). (I love the Leslie speaker!)
All In

- Hymn To Freedom, Hugh Laurie (House) plays the Oscar Pederson song -
A 6-year-old boy is dying of the same ailment that killed a 73-year-old woman twelve years before. House is obsessed with solving it this time.

- Cuddy's Serenade, Hugh Laurie (House) plays his own composition -
A priest who runs a homeless shelter is having a multitude of symptoms and becomes a patient of House. The episode ends with Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) wanting to invite House to the baby naming ceremony for her daughter.

- Georgia on my Mind, Hugh Laurie (House) -
An environmental activist is treated by House's team for a variety of symptoms, which end up having a natural cause. At the end of the episode Chase (Jesse Spencer) proposes to Cameron (Jennifer Morrison). In the final scene, the deceased intern, Amber, in one of her many appearances, returns to haunt House one more time.

- Beautiful by Elvis Costello -
House stops the hallucinations of a very brave young girl with terminal cancer.

- Love and Happiness by Al Green -
The patient has a breathing attack during rough sex. After the diagnostic team treats him for a number of things, including food allergies and lupus, with no results, House is sure it's heavy metal poisoning, and all signs point to the wife. The video begins with Cameron paying off a losing bet to House. Wilson is staying with House until he can get his own apartment, but House is not sure he wants him to leave because he enjoys his cooking.

- None of Us Are Free by Solomon Burke -
A bicycle racer, idol to thousands, uses blood-doping to improve performance. In the closing scenes Cameron is dreaming about an ex-flame, her late-husband's best man, and House is accessing the psychotherapy records of his ex-girlfriend and current colleague, Stacy (Sela Ward).
Don't Ever Change

- Waiting on a Friend by The Rolling Stones -
House solves the kidney problem of a former music producer who had recently converted to Hasidic Judaism and collapsed at her wedding. This conversion defies House's philosophy that people cannot change. On the video he makes a tongue-in-cheek jab at Thirteen (Olivia Wilde) who is bisexual.
Cane and Able

- Gravity by John Mayer -
A seven-year-old boy is born with 2 sets of DNA because he was the product of "In Vitro Fertilization" that created twins that merged in his body. When his lesser twin awakens he thinks aliens have invaded his body.
No More
Mr. Nice Guy

- You Keep Me Hangin' On by The Supremes -
A subplot in this episode is the battle between House and Amber for the companionship of Wilson, who is House's best friend and Amber's boyfriend. Their disagreement gets pretty intense and is referred to by Cuddy as a "custody battle."
Top Secret

- Superfly by Curtis Mayfield -
House diagnoses the condition of an ex-marine after his 2nd tour of duty in Iraq. As the episode ends House and Cuddy are in their usual confrontation with sexual overtones. In the closing scene he encounters Chase and Cameron making out in a storage closet.
The Greater Good

- Brand New Day by Joshua Radin -
A renowned cancer researcher is House's patient. The episode ends with Taub and his wife discussing having children, Forman (Omar Epps) and Thirteen living together after working out some things, and Wilson taking the first step in dealing with the death of his girlfriend by finally washing her coffee mug.
Both Sides Now

- As Tears Go By by The Rolling Stones -
The episode begins with the team treating a man who has alien hand syndrome, an ailment that makes him lose control of his actions. At the end of the episode Chase and Cameron are getting married, and house has finally accepted that he has a drug problem and checks himself into a psychiatric hospital.
5 to 9

- Shine On by Eric Bibb -
The episode is about a day in the life of hospital director Cuddy. Besides having a sick child at home and an employee who is ripping off the hospital to deal drugs, she is negotiating a new contract for the hospital with the insurance company and she wants a 12% increase. They offer 4%, then come up to 8% which she refuses, but at the end of the episode they finally agree to her 12%.
Words and Deeds

- Season of the Witch by Donovan -
The main story in this episode is a firefighter who has heart attacks because he has unrequited love for a female colleague, and the only way to stop these attacks is to "restart" his brain. The episode ends with House in jail for contempt of court for walking out on the hearing about his illegal drug acquisitions, which he has continued to receive while he is in jail.

- Baba O'Riley by The Who -
There are 2 main stories in this episode. House's patient is a 32-year-old CEO of a cosmetics company who needs a heart transplant because she has the eating disorder bulimia and has been taking ipecac to throw up, which has destroyed her heart. The other story is the new chairman of the board at the hospital (a wealthy donor) and House do not like each other.
- Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley -
A death row inmate starts seeing hallucinations of people he killed and passes out. House is sent to the prison as a consult and manages to get him transfered to Princeton-Plainsboro hospital, where it is discovered that for years the inmate has had a tumor that randomly dumps adrenalin into his system causing his violent behavior. The tumor is removed surgically and he is sent back to death row. Cameron has to tell a patient who came in for a routine physical exam that she is dying. In the last scene House is erasing the whiteboard that lists the 5 stages of death: DENIAL, ANGER, BARGAINING, DEPRESSION, ACCEPTANCE.

- Spirit in the Sky by Norman Greenbaum -
House's patient is a punk rocker whose brain appears to have been destroyed by drugs. It turns out he has measles, which they can cure with steroids. House has fired two of the doctors trying out for his team, Amber and Thirteen, but in the last scene Cuddy intervenes.

- What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong -
Legendary jazz musician John Henry Giles has previously been diagnosed with ALS, a deadly disease. House disagrees and cures him.
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