I told you NOT to give me that last beer…

Who used the last roll of toilet paper again??

What does it take to get a walk around here?

Yep, I peed.

Bring me a margarita with a little umbrella in it, darling.

If you want something done right around here…

When I said my ears were cold I had no idea you'd take it so seriously.

Cat headband. Comes in 3 colours.

When I said I wanted a little brother, I meant a DOG...

Do I look like a chew toy to you??

This ISN'T in my job description!!

This isn't in MY job description either for Pete’s sake!!

Who the hell is writing these job descriptions???

And then, snort, snort, the bartender says to the horse...

Wait, wait…

So this is where you live, eh?

Who says "three's a crowd"??

Give me some sugar, Hotlips!

Pig in a blanket

I sho does luv you!

Air flossing!

Darn it Gladys, you blinked again....RE-TAKE please!!